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Welcome to the Year 5 and 6 learning page. This page will be updated regularly with all the exciting things the children have been learning about.

Mummifying Pharaohs – Part 1.

As part of our topic of the Ancient Egyptians, we have been learning about the mummification process.  We decided to have a go at mummifying our own Ancient Pharaoh (cherry tomato!).  We removed the internal organs of our Pharaoh (tomato pips), and imagined putting the intestines, stomach, liver and lungs into canopic jars as the Ancient Egyptians would have done.  We left the heart in the Pharaoh because the Ancient Egyptians believed that the Pharaoh would need it in the afterlife.   We then cleaned the body and used Natron (mixture of bicarbonate of soda and salt) to fill and cover the body, to help dry it out.  An Ancient Egyptian would leave the body for between 40 – 70 days, before starting the second part of the embalming process.

100 books to read before you leave Year 6.

Love reading and being read to?  Here are some fantastic recommendations for you.  Anyone read all 100?

Year 6 science – Electricity investigations

The children in year 6 were asked to create an investigation that had something to do with electricity for homework. The ideas they came to school with the following week were simply amazing- we are so proud of how hard they are working!

50 books to read before you leave St Peter’s

This year the children are being encouraged to read as many books as they can from the list of 50 books to read before you leave St Peter’s. There are lots of these books in school that the children can borrow and enjoy, then they can write a book review to add to our collection to help others choose which to read next.

Year 5 science – Thermal Insulators – January 2018

The children in Year 5 have been busy designing a new lunchbox that will ensure their lunch is kept cool until it is time to be eaten! We have investigated using a range of materials, thinking carefully about how to keep the test fair and collected results using scientific equipment such as thermometers and syringes! It is also a good opportunity to use two of the five strands of scientific enquiry – observing changes over time and comparative and fair testing.

Dr. Clock

Captain Comparative and the Fair Fairy

Year 5 and 6 Christmas Party!

For our Christmas party this year we participated in a lot of different activities – we sang Christmas karaoke, answered questions in a Christmas quiz and really got to know each other by playing the newspaper game! In this game, each time the music stops you have to stand on a piece of newspaper which gets smaller and smaller each time! Here we are in action…


Year 5 science – Mrs Towse dissects an eyeball! – December 2017

Year 5 were incredibly lucky this term and welcomed Mrs Towse into our class to help us learn about the anatomy of an eyeball! We really enjoyed it and loved getting the opportunity to hold them!

Thank you also to Mr and Mrs Audsley from Audsley’s Butchers for providing the eyeballs!

 Year 5 science – Light and Sight – December 2017

Year 5 have been busy learning about how we see. They have made paths using wool to show how light travels from its source to our eyes.



   – November 

The children in Year 6 have all had the opportunity to take part in a Bikeability course to learn more about being safe on their bikes. They spent some time on the school playground becoming more familiar with their bikes and then were tested on the roads of Harrogate! They all passed with flying colours!

Aaron loving Bikeability!

So fast, we are a blur!

Creative Writing Week – November 13th – 17th

This morning, before school, staff found a mysterious egg in the Early Year’s shed. All of the children have been speculating about what it might be, where it might have come from and why it is here.

The year 5 and 6’s have been busy writing newspaper reports about this exciting discovery.

Year 6 Science – Heart and Lung Dissection November 2017

To enrich the children’s science learning this term, our year 6 pupils spent the afternoon learning all about the heart, lungs and circulatory system with a hands on practical dissection lesson. Mrs Towse kindly shared all her knowledge and expertise with the children, who

thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much from the experience.

September 2017

The children have had a fantastic start to the new academic year. We have enjoyed lots of hands on topic learning and particularly enjoyed our ‘Cloud in a Jar’ experiment to launch our ‘Water and Journeys’ topic. We are also currently enjoying making our own shoe box 3D water cycles. Keep checking this page regularly to see our fantastic learning in action!



2016 – 2017

Leavers Disco

Everyone looked amazing and had a fabulous time at the Leavers Disco. Click below to see the photos from the evening.

Leavers Disco Photos

Year 6 Leavers Service

Click below to see the PowerPoints that were used at the service and also some photographs.

Leavers Service Powerpoint and Wordle Powerpoint

Leavers Service Photos

Leavers Song

Leavers Trend Poem

Year 5 and 6 Production – The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan (Photos)

Click below to see some photos from this year’s production.

Year 5 and 6 Production photos

Year 5 and 6 Production – The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan

Click below for the words for this year’s production songs.

Song Words

Year 5 Science Afternoon – Dissecting Eyes May 2017

Please read our latest blog post all about our science afternoon linked to our topic – Light and Sight. Click here to see the pictures.

Tadpole Update

We were very excited to see two frogs in our tank when we arrived back in school after Easter. Thank you to Mrs Noble for looking after them over Easter.


Relevant SATs Information for Current Year 6 Parents

Please click here to view our latest notice about the Y6 SATs Information Evening.

I’m in Year 5/6 Get Me Out of Here… April 2017

On Thursday, the Travelling Zoo came to visit year 5/6 bringing with them a variety of species that live in the rainforests. We learnt so much about how the animals survive under the extreme conditions and how they defend themselves from predators. We were amazed at how the scorpion can glow under the moonlight to ward off predators!

Well done to all of the children (and teachers) who faced their fears and got up close to the animals.

Year 6 Electricity

The year 6’s enjoying their hands-on Electricity topic in Science. A great effort by all with your circuits.

Performance Poetry April 2017

In year 5, we have been studying The Highwayman, a classical narrative poem written by Alfred Noyes. The children worked extremely well to learn the first two stanzas of the poem off by heart and were then tasked with performing them to the rest of the class. One group even used Makaton signs throughout their performance. Well done to everyone in year 5! Please take a look at some of our performance photographs below:

Science Week March 2017 – Tadpoles Arrive

Our topic for this year’s science week was ‘Change.’ In year 5 we have been learning all about amphibians and insects and comparing their life cycles. We were extremely excited when Aidan in class 9 brought in some frogspawn for us to look after. Although we didn’t have much success at first, finally some tadpoles arrived. We have been taking lots of care to ensure we change the water regularly and keep the tank clean. Hopefully after Easter, we will have some little froglets to release into the wild.

Writing Week January 2017

What an exciting week! Our new book ‘The Snowy Day’ has been a fantastic stimulus to support our writing throughout the week. We have been learning how to use a range of complex punctuation in our writing and have produced some wonderful winter setting descriptions. Congratulations to Ellis Herd in Year 6, our writer of the week, for his fantastic description.

You can read some of our fantastic published pieces on Pobble by clicking the icon below and then searching for St. Peter’s Harrogate. Don’t forget to leave a comment!


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