Our learning

1oth May 2017 – We have legs!

Some of our tadpoles are beginning to grow legs! They have been eating lots and are growing to be very big!

4th and 4th May 2017 – ‘Do You Hear the Vikings Sing?’

Well done to all of Year 3 and 4 who participated in our production of ‘Do You Hear the Vikings Sing?’ – you were amazing! You wowed the audience by being brilliantly clear, loud and enthusiastic. Here are some photos of us in action.

Vernon Kaythorpe – host of Family Fortunes!

Bjorn the Beserker!

Terrifying Vikings

Miss Athena – class teacher

20th March 2017 – Science Week

We have had a delivery of tadpoles! We were extremely lucky to be given some frogspawn and are now patiently waiting for them to hatch. Watch this space.

2nd March 2017 – World Book Day

St Peter’s has been taken over by book characters! Lots of children in year 3/4 brought their favourite book to school and dressed up as that character. The costumes were great and we loved chatting about each story.


We’ve had a busy and fun half term in year 3/4. We particularly enjoyed the drinks experiment which was carried out during the last week. We wanted to find out which drink would cause the most damage to our teeth over a period of time. Obviously we didn’t want to use real teeth so we used egg shell instead as this is very similar to the enamel on our teeth. We left the egg shell sitting in the drinks for the whole week. Class 6 found that out of all the juices they tried, fresh orange juice caused the most damage. For class 7 and their different varieties of cola drinks, it was cherry flavoured Pepsi Max, and Class 8’s lemon drinks – San Pellegrino. Here are some photos of our findings…

We also participated in Judo workshops which were so fun. We had a great time and learnt some new moves!

23rd January – Writing week 

We have had a great week learning about the seasons based on the book ‘The Snowy Day’. In English we have been writing a poem a day for each one of the seasons and then in art in the afternoons, we have been painting to create a final piece.


Autumn term – we have had a very exciting term across all of our subjects. Here are a few photos to show you what we have been up to!

We particularly enjoyed science, we were learning about sound – we made a kazoo from a straw, paper cup telephones and experimented with vibrations to work out how sound is made.