Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2

We are organised into three classes:

Class 6 – Mrs Bull and Mrs France

Class 7 – Miss Emsley

Class 8 – Miss Wilson


Mrs Bull Class 6


Mrs France Class 6


Miss Emsley Class 7


Miss Wilson Class 8


Weekly routine 
P.E. will be on Monday (Class 8 and Class 6) or Tuesday (Class 7), and then on a Friday. While the weather is good we will go outside, so the children will need pumps or trainers which they can keep in their P.E. bags along with a blue jumper. For health and safety reasons it is important that long hair is tied back and that earrings are covered over with tape.

Homework and spellings

Each week the children will be set a Maths and an English based task. Homework hand in day is Wednesday. Spellings – each week your children will be given a list of spellings to learn. These can be found in their SPaG Book which they will need to bring to school each day alongside their Partnership Book and reading book. Please encourage your children to practise their spellings at home. They will be tested on their spellings every Wednesday.

SMIRFS (Space Mission Instant Recall Facts)

The children will be given a personalised SMIRF target. The SMIRFS are key facts that the children need to know off by heart, so any help with learning these at home would be extremely beneficial. In order to move onto the next
target, children will need to be able to recall their target accurately and quickly three times at school.

Times Table Tuesday! 

Every Tuesday afternoon the children will be tested on their Times Table and Division facts. They will have 4 minutes to complete 40 questions. If they have demonstrated they can recall the facts, they move on to the next Times Table. Here is the order in which we will test the table facts: BRONZE x10 and x5 , SILVER x2, x4 and x8, GOLD x3, x6 and x9, PLATINUM x7 and DIAMOND x11 and x12. Children are rewarded for their effort and achievement with a special metallic sticker and a certificate to bring home on completion of the Diamond test. A record of your child’s progress can be found in their Partnership Book alongside the Time Table chart.

Bug Club

Bug Club is our whole school individual reading programme which children can access both at school and at home. Each child has a library of engaging and interactive books, which have been allocated by their class teacher.


This is a fantastic and motivational online maths programme that supports your child’s learning in all areas of maths. The children can choose from a variety of games to play to practise their maths. Each child has a log in which can be found at the front of their Partnership Book.


As your children become more independent we encourage them to change their books themselves when they need to. Please sign their Partnership Books when they read at home and enjoy the books they bring home with them as regularly as possible. The children can also read books online on the Bug Club website. A perfect way to read on the go if you have a laptop or tablet device!

If you have any concerns or issues regarding your child that you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact their teacher or speak to them at the end of the school day. We look forward to meeting you throughout the year.


We follow our golden rules at all time. Click on the picture to see them.


In school we use our 5 R’s to help us to be successful, not just in school, but in life.  Click on the picture to see how we develop these important skills.

We are always trying to improve and we have a plan of how we are going to achieve this. How can you help us get better?