Our learning

Autumn Term 2017

We have done so many exciting and interesting things and have learnt many new skills. We started off learning about ourselves and where we live.


Exploring the sense of touch

Exploring our sense of sight

Exploring our sense of smell

Harvest Festival

Exploring our sense of hearing

describing ourselves and others


After half term we thought about light and dark and enjoyed lots of stories about the dark.

Light and dark

Performing fireworks poetry

Learning about electrical cucuits

A strange egg appeared in the EYFS shed over the weekend. We had no idea where it came from so we became reporters and investigators.

The Egg



Friday 7th April

Key Stage One turned their hands to baking today! We have been learning about instructions and how to write them, so we decided to write some instructions for making hot cross buns. On Friday we followed our instructions and made our very own hot cross buns. They looked amazing and tasted even better! The smell wafting through the Key Stage One classrooms was so lovely. We hope you all have a lovely Easter and we will see you again on Tuesday 25th April.


Friday 24th March 2017

Key Stage One have been busy scientists this week. We have carried out some fantastic investigations which have involved lots of changes. We found out what happened when we add water to cornflour and we observed the reaction that occurs that happens when we mix bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! We also saw what happened when we used kitchen roll to mix colours together.


Friday 10th March 2017

Today we had a very important visitor! Samuel Pepys came to tell us all about what life was like living in London when the Great Fire happened. He read parts of his diary to us. We learnt that he used to write his diary in a secret code called shorthand, which meant no-one would be able to read what he had written. He told us about how he saved some of his precious objects from the fire and we had a go at putting the fire out by using a water chain.


Friday 3rd March 2017

Yesterday was World Book Day. We came to school dressed up as our favourite book characters and we looked amazing! During the day, we enjoyed talking about who we had come as, and we loved reading our special books. Well done to all of you for all your efforts, you looked fantastic.


Friday 17th February 2017

What a busy half term we have had in Key Stage One. Our collage Paddington’s look fantastic! In PE we have been linking sequences of movements together and have been working on our balances. To help us with our writing, we learnt the Makaton signs to the Paddington story. In PSHE we have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy. We have talked about our feelings and  have been showing how to be a good friend. Have a lovely half term everyone, we will see you back at school on Monday 27th February.


Friday 27th January 2017

Brrrrrrr. We’ve been very busy this week. It has been writing week and we have been reading the book ‘The Snowy Day’. On Monday we read the story and used some Makaton signs to help us remember the words. We have then planned and written our own stories. As well as lots of writing, we have been enjoying lots of other chilly activities. In Science, we have observed ice over time. We were trying to find out if smaller things took longer to melt. We have also done some snowy art, inspired by the pictures in the book.


Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.

Well done to everyone for a fantastic Nativity. You were fabulous!