St Peter’s School – Application and Admissions

Children are admitted to St. Peter’s in the September of the school year in which their fifth birthday falls. We have only one in-take a year so all children will normally have a full year in Reception class. All children start full time from September although we will stagger the actual start date over a two week period to allow for more individual attention as each pupil starts school.

Most of our children are drawn from across the district as the school’s catchment area has very little housing. Any parent applying to St. Peter’s can arrange a visit to experience the school firsthand. We also hold an open day for prospective parents and pupils. This is held in the autumn term prior to the application deadline of January. If your child is successful in securing a place at St. Peter’s there will be a series of induction sessions during the following summer term before the September start.


If applications exceed the places available, then places are allocated according to the North Yorkshire Education Authority’s criteria for admission see the link below. The school plays no part in the allocation of places.

Roll and Classes

Our school roll is currently 280 and the pupils are organised into eleven classes:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage: Classes 1 & 2 – Reception pupils;
  • Key Stage 1:    Classes 3, 4 & 5 – Year 1 & 2 pupils
  • Key Stage 2:    Classes 6, 7 & 8 – Year 3 & 4 pupils        Classes 9, 10 & 11 – Year 5 & 6 pupils