Our Learning


2016 – 2017

Summer 1


We have been looking at people who help us this term.

The children have loved having visits from the police and we look forward to visiting the fire station.


We have been looking at 3D shapes and time this half term.

The children enjoyed going to Waitrose on a shape hunt!

Spring 2 – Things that swim!

Thank you for all your homework, you have worked hard over the holidays and we have really enjoyed hearing about the animals you have researched!

Here is what we have been learning the last couple of weeks:


Leopard Seals – We have been out onto the playground to measure how big a leopard seal is.

Can you believe they can grow up to 3 1/2 meters long!

Emperor penguins – We pretended we were a daddy penguin and tried to waddle around making sure our ‘chick’ didn’t fall into the snow!  It was harder than we thought.



We have taken our maths outside this week – we are working hard to complete independent and paired maths problems within the teen numbers.


We have been working hard on our independent writing, reading and our handwriting.

World Book Day

There were some fantastic costumes and we enjoyed hearing all about the children’s favourite books!