Homework tasks

All Reception children will have a partnership book in which information and small homework tasks relating to topics will be stuck. Homework is not set each week but as and when we feel it will complement our teaching at school.


Weekly Expectations


Your child will receive a sound book when we start teaching phonics in class.


You child will receive his/her first reading book in line with their phonic development.

  • When children are starting to blend, they will be given a reading book without words, this enables children to learn the skill of using picture clues to predict what is happening to the characters, how are they feeling and what may happen on the next page.
  • Your child will then receive a book with words. Please do not stop all of the questioning and talking about the pictures and the features of the book as this is a fundamental skill that will help them become life long readers.


  • When your child can write the letters from memory with the correct formation they will bring home high frequency words to learn. Please help your child to read by sight and to write these words from memory.

Home News

  • We love to hear of any achievements or mile stones your child has reached. For example, ‘I can do up my buttons by myself’ to ‘I can swim 10m’ or if you have had an exciting weekend or holiday.
  • Please email a picture or write in your child’s partnership book so we can share these with the class.