At St Peter’s, it is our intention to foster a love of writing in all children and to motivate pupils to read for both pleasure and to enhance their learning.



Stimulus-led approach to teaching and Reading for Pleasure

It is a well-known fact that children that love to read make better writers. Due to this, we encourage reading for pleasure through our whole class guided reading sessions and provide reading time during school time where the children can choose what to read. At St Peter’s, we believe that when the children are given an exciting and engaging stimulus such as a novel, poem or even a video clip, the writing produced is of a higher quality as it has context, purpose and audience. Each stimulus used within the year groups is carefully chosen to engage the children and match any topics being covered in our cross curricular approach.

The Writing journey

Pupils of all ages are taken on a writing journey which allows them to explore a variety of genres while planning, drafting and editing their writing. In order to achieve this, the lessons are designed to develop their knowledge of genre features, audience, language and effective composition.

The writing process is divided into six stages as outlined below.

English Writing Process

Activities/Websites which enhance the teaching of English

  • Extended opportunities for discussion of writing, e.g. Talk for Writing, role play, pair talk, drama and hot seating to prepare children for the writing process.
  • Modelled, shared and guided writing examples
  • Songs, rhymes and games to develop English skills.
  • Spelling and grammar lessons building on and deepening key skills across different year groups.
  • Use of Spelling Shed
  • Use of ICT to support writing process such as Clicker programme
  • IDL daily to improve spelling and phonic knowledge
  • Reading and Writing Weeks alongside competitions and activities for World Book Day etc



Children at St Peter’s are encouraged to shine and share their light with others. Children in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to shine by attending annual debating competitions where they can confidently express their opinions using clear speaking and listening skills. Through learning talks with the children, we have found that our pupils have a positive attitude towards both reading and writing and enjoy sharing what they have learnt at length.

St Peter’s are incredibly proud of our KS2 SATs results for reading. Last year, 2019, our school came significantly above the national average and reached the top 20% of all schools!  In writing, 80% of our children achieved the expected standard which is also above national average.